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Oscar Recaps + Review 2013

Anne Hathaway can't believe she didn't think of falling down.#Oscars
Ethan Suplee

Wow, I don't think we've actually had a good Oscar show in many years. Granted, the job of hosting has pretty much turned into the least desirable job in Hollywood so it kind of cuts down on the potential pool of talent. I mean, who's going to want this job? The only people who would take it are people who have nothing to lose by it and basically don't care. MacFarlane is pretty much what you get. He's more known for being a behind the scenes guy anyways so he really has no image to protect and the audience for his shows/movies don't really care about stuff like this. That said, the only bit that was honestly offensive and not just tumblr's faux social justice people overreacting was the boobs song and the Zero Dark Thirty joke. The rest of his jokes ranged from okay to awkward but was hardly atypical for award shows. It's stuff that's been on Ricky Gervais' roster and even more venerable hosts like Steve Martin and Billy Crystal for years. The most offensive part of the night was the fucking Jaws music playing people off the stage. Why not just let people have their moment instead of 10 musical performances that no one will even remember the next day.

The problem with this show was that it was totally boring. The organization of the musical performances made no sense, like why not just have Adele come out and perform during the Bond tribute. The musical tribute was also just random, like who the fuck cares that Chicago won 10 years ago? I'm still trying to erase that from my memory that it beat The Pianist lol. And One Day More was awful. Poorly timed, off key, pretty much terrible other than Barks and Tveit. Catherine Zeta Jones was fine but so obviously lip-syncing. Jennifer Hudson was the only knock-out performance (and of course Babs and Shirley, singing better at 70 than everyone else).

The winners. I did ok in my predictions but like many pundits, I let my love for Riva's performance color my judgment. I just honestly cannot fathom how someone can watch Amour and think yep, Jennfier Lawrence was better. Which means I do think the reports of many refusing to watch Amour were probably accurate despite its popularity with BAFTA. Unfortunate because I think that performance will easily be remembered more. The other surprise was Christoph Waltz, not a complete surprise since he won BAFTA and GG but somewhat odd since he won so recently for a very similar performance. And I think the only other shock was the tie.. which I did not predict either ZDT or Skyfall so that was truly a big shock. Everything else, pretty much what was expected. Overall, not a bad year, especially compared to the mediocrity that was last year but not stellar either. Lawrence is pretty middle of the road in terms of Best Actress winners, better than Witherspoon, Berry and Bullock, but no where near the upper echelon of Cotillard, Theron and Mirren.

I do think Wreck-it-Ralph got shafted. It was a much better film than Brave, which I found to be sloppy, but a movie about videogames was unlikely to beat a more classy Pixar entry. And I also preferred Adam and Dog to Paperman but was not shocked at the loss. And Amy Adams, poor thing, she was so much better than Hathaway but it's just never her year. I was very happy to see QT win original screenplay instead of Mark Boal, a little payback for 2009. Kushner really deserved adapted but Terrio gave a really nice speech and I think Lincoln just became the DDL movie that they didn't feel the need to reward it anywhere else. Ang Lee winning director was great, since the worldwide success of Life of Pi really has to be attributed to his direction. It's really amazing that its made over a half a billion dollars with such an unmarketable story and no star power. Haneke needs to win sometime, cause technically the foreign film Oscar belongs to Austria. I think he will get something eventually as long as his film isn't quite as disturbing as Funny Games or Cache. Once you're in the club, it's so much easier to get back. As for Argo, again, I think it's a pretty middle-of-the-road winner. Very obvious that after 2 years of awarding inconsequential feel-good fare like The King's Speech and The Artist (and before than, Slumdog) that they would continue the trend. Argo is at least better directed and technically superior to both TKS and The Artist but will it be remembered? Probably more for its bizarre snub and its crazy award season run than anything else, although it will definitely be remembered as a huge moment for Ben Affleck's career and I fully expect the Academy to feel guilty and give him the Oscar for whatever his next movie is.

Overall, the show had a few exciting moments but mostly fell into predictability. I wonder if Tina Fey will ever accept the hosting gig now that 30 Rock is over but I have a feeling that this job has become so toxic that it probably won't happen.

Oh and fashion-wise, a lot of boring looks, a few good ones and one or two stunners. Naomi Watts' Armani Prive was gorgeous, as was Charlize Theron's Dior (so much better than Lawrence's Dior, which clearly she could not handle lol). Also liked Amanda Seyfried in McQueen. Chastain didn't look bad but she really stuck to the boring usual this time. At least it wasn't a trainwreck.

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