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Final Oscar Predictions

It's tomorrow morning but sadly I'm busy literally all day so I won't be able to post any reactions on tumblr, but I figure I might as well do my predictions finally. Now we finally have BAFTA noms, which were a little surprising but this year in general has been crazy cause of the condensed schedule. I don't think they've ever announced so many nominations in such a short period of time before.  Luckily I've seen pretty much all the main contenders except for the documentaries and shorts. I'm done with all the feature films and possible acting nominations!

Best Picture
01. Argo
02. Lincoln
03. Zero Dark Thirty
04. Life of Pi
05. Silver Lining's Playbook
06. Les Miserables
07. Django Unchained
08. The Master
09. Beasts of the Southern Wild
10. Amour

Best Directing
01. Ben Affleck
02. Steven Spielberg
03. Kathryn Bigelow
04. Ang Lee
05. Michael Haneke
alt: Paul Thomas Anderson, David O. Russell, Tom Hooper

Best Actor in a Leading Role
01. Daniel Day-Lewis
02. Hugh Jackman
03. Bradley Cooper
04. John Hawkes
05. Joaquin Phoenix
alt: Denzel Washington

Best Actress in a Leading Role
01. Jennifer Lawrence
02. Jessica Chastain
03. Marion Cotillard
04. Naomi Watts
05. Emmanuelle Riva
alt: Helen Mirren, Quevenzhane Wallis

Best Actor in a Supporting Role
01. Tommy Lee Jones
02. Alan Arkin
03. Philip Seymour Hoffman
04. Christoph Waltz
05. Leonardo DiCaprio
alt: Javier Bardem, Matthew McConaughey

Best Actress in a Supporting Role
01. Anne Hathaway
02. Sally Field
03. Helen Hunt
04. Amy Adams
05. Nicole Kidman
alt: Maggie Smith, Ann Dowd

Best Original Screenplay
01. Django Unchained
02. Zero Dark Thirty
03. The Master
04. Moonrise Kingdom
05. Amour
alt: Looper

Best Adapted Screenplay
01. Lincoln
02. Silver Lining's Playbook
03. Life of Pi
04. Argo
05. Beasts of the Southern Wild
alt: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Best Animated Feature
01. Frankenweenie
02. Wreck-It-Ralph
03. Paranorman
04. Brave
05. The Painting
alt: Rise of the Guardians

Best Foreign Language Film
01. Amour
02. The Intouchables
03. A Royal Affair
04. War Witch
05. Kon-Tiki
alt: Beyond the Hills

Best Documentary Feature
01. The Gatekeepers
02. How to Survive a Plague
03. The Invisible War
04. Searching for Sugar Man
05. The Waiting Room

Best Music (Original Score)
01. Life of Pi
02. Anna Karenina
03. Lincoln
04. Beasts of the Southern Wild
05. Zero Dark Thirty
alt: Argo

Best Music (Original Song)
01. "Skyfall", Skyfall
02. "Suddenly", Les Miserables
03. "Who Did That to You", Django Unchained
04. "Learn Me Right", Brave
05. "Still Alive," Paul Williams Still Alive
alt: "Ancora Qui," Django Unchained

Best Film Editing
01. Zero Dark Thirty
02. Argo
03. Life of Pi
04. Lincoln
05. Django Unchained
alt: Silver Lining's Playbook

Best Cinematography
01. Life of Pi
02. Lincoln
03. Skyfall
04. The Master
05. Django Unchained
alt: Beasts of the Southern Wild

Best Art Direction
01. Anna Karenina
02. Lincoln
03. Django Unchained
04. Les Miserables
05. The Hobbit
alt: Moonrise Kingdom

Best Costume Design
01. Anna Karenina
02. A Royal Affair
03. Les Miserables
04. Lincoln
05. Django Unchained
alt: Snow White and the Huntsman

Best Makeup
01. The Hobbit
02. Hitchcock
03. Men in Black 3

Best Sound Mixing
01. Django Unchained
02. Lincoln
03. Les Misérables
04. Skyfall
05. Zero Dark Thirty

Best Sound Editing
01. The Dark Knight Rises
02. Django Unchained
03. Life of Pi
04. Skyfall
05. Zero Dark Thirty

Best Visual Effects
01. Life of Pi
02. Skyfall
03. The Dark Knight Rises
04. The Hobbit
05. The Avengers
alt: Prometheus
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